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Martín Lonardi
Golf Pro and Nordelta Golf Club Director

"I found the workshop very positive, and believe it is invaluable for all kind of players, amateurs and professionals alike. This experience allowed me to break down mental structures and see with a different perspective the dilemmas and objectives. I deeply regret not having the opportunity to experience it while I was competing."

Connie Capanegra
Professor, golf PRO (LPGA) and Programming Director at The First Tee of the Palm Beaches, Treasure Coast and Broward.

These mental exercises are helpful for anybody that wants to get to know themselves better or improve their emotional vocabulary. For the students at my organization, The First Tee of The Palm Beaches, your program fits both our Life Skills Program as well as our on-course management (Golf Program).
While I was observing a session it was amazing to see how it encouraged students to open up about their emotions and feelings, something that it is typically not easy for them to do. In addition my personal experience using the program was an eye opening for me. I found that commenting on details in the provided pictures very revealing because it allowed me an unfiltered view of how I perceived particular actions or events. I am sure continual use would be helpful in dealing with emotional situations and providing connections to unseen paths toward my goals."

Martín Fraga
"After doing the workshop I could play more relaxed and felt more confident in my game. That weekend I scored 66 that could have easily been 62. I was playing Hdcp 18 and the next months I could drop it to 13."

Mandi Borzi
"My playing feels more free and relaxed and I don't need to do so much thinking before each stroke. I focus on the goal instead of getting stressed by the many obstacles I might find. I enjoy my game a whole more."

Débora Natapof
" I learned how to stand on the field, feeling more confidence before performing each swing. After the day of the workshop, I scored 6 birdies, something I had never accomplished before. My best Hdcp that year had been 15 and I lowered it to 11. I realized that things that used to be important issues, now they don't exist".

Pierre Ianni
"It allowed me to concentrate during the whole game".

Mariana Lagarrigue
" After doing the course I could concentrate more on the field and focus on each stroke . I'm definitively more relaxed and have more fun".

Claudio Nahmias
"I have played golf for 30 years but this time I really noticed a drastic improvement in my game. I lowered three strokes per round."

Lucrecia Bagur
"When I did the workshop I had a Hdcp 18, and in 4 months I lowered it to 15."

Rafael Andant
"It helped me a lot to relax and have fun during the game. I won the Metropolitan Circuit and qualify for the National Junior Tournament. I also pass four exams and end up the school year with all passing grades".

Felix Villamil
"I learned how to breathe better and that helped me to lower my anxiety and therefore the number of strokes."

Facundo Bouza
"The thing that helped me a lot, was to implement an action plan to focus on an effective next stoke instead of sticking to the mistakes committed before. The month of the workshop I was hdcp 0 and I lowered to +1"

14 year-old young girl from First Tee who participated of the workshop that took place in Palm Beach
"The exercise that we did helped me to have a better understanding of my emotions. It allowed me to learn and detect the importance of expressing my thoughts. I really enjoyed the course. I'm convinced it was useful."

14 year-old girl from First Tee en Palm Beach
"I think it is a good way for people to share their feelings with others. I loved it and I would like to do it again."