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Who can participate from the training program?
They are designed for every player that wants to face the sport differently and for coaches who are looking for a way to optimize the interaction with their students.
The exercises and dynamics are prepared to be shared with players with varied Hdcp, ages and sex.

How does this program differ from a day of golfing?
The participants interact in indoor dynamics through methodologies that allow them to observe their game from a completely new perspective, giving them the opportunity to change and improve.

Could the indoor dynamics tire or bore the participants?
The dynamics are specifically designed to capture the audience attention, generating an atmosphere of comfort, entertainment and, above all, great commitment.

What is the yardstick used to measure the program results?
Some participants lowered their hdcp radically;
There are also some important mood changes. Players who felt upset while playing badly and consequently very tense during the competition, were able to show more relaxed and confident strokes and performance; sometimes there are subtle changes, that happen out of the blue in everyday life and we don't know what to attribute them to.

What is the difference between the AVK Golf & Coaching program and programs on Sports Psychology?
The AVK Golf & Coaching program follows the guidelines of Ontological Coaching but its main concept is based on visual stimuli which breaks through the limits of a linear way of thinking. In addition, this program can be performed in groups stimulating an enthusiastic interaction among the participants.